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Instead of watching boring 2hrs long powerpoints presentation, the course is delivered in short, actionable and fun videos that get you addicted to complete the course.


The course is designed in a practical way that allows you to create your signature event as you go along so you have all the tools you need to launch your first event within 30 days.

You Are Not Alone

Our support team and our exclusive community of experts will be there to help you every step of the way so you will always have the peace of mind of having all your questions solved.

So you are a speaker.

And I hear you, you want to run events.

And yes, you want to change millions of lives and sell your training from the stage.


It sounds easy on paper.

However, you know that this is not the case.

You might have run few events or spoken somewhere, but very few people (if no one) bought.

They come to you and say: "You are really inspiring!" "Thank you for changing my life!"

But they don't buy.

While going home from the event the journey feels longer than usual, and you keep asking yourself:

"What did I do wrong?"

"Why only a few people turned out?"

"Why no one bought?"


And you almost give up on your dream to make money from live events.

How do I know this?

I have been there.

Many times.

27 times to be exact.

I did 27 events before I sold a single program.

It sucked.

I felt crap about myself.

I did not know what was wrong with me or my presentation.


I almost gave up.

I worked harder and harder to get more consultations, to meet people one to one, to network more, to build my audience online, build complex funnels I did not need...

But they were all distractions...

And I knew that.

I knew I was born to be on a stage.

I knew that was my mission.

To inspire, to teach, to change lives.


One day I decided to STOP playing small and avoid the real issue.

It wasn't because I was not good.

I just did not have a system.
I did not have a process that allowed me to fill my events and get clients from it.

I only had my passion.

But it wasn't enough.


And to be honest, I did not have a role model of selling from the stage which I liked.

All the big speakers used "the running at the back of the room" model which I hate.

I then decided to take control of my speaking career.

I decided I was going to master running EVENTS THAT SELL.

And I was going to do it in a different way.

My way.


Since then I run more than 800 events.

I shared the stage with legends like Les Brown in front of 1000 people and Dr. John DeMartini.

I sold more than 7 figures of programs and from the stage.

I managed the organisation of an event with Gary Vee in front of 500 people.

And I did all of it... my way.

Building solid relationships and having people wanting to buy from me, not because I used some advanced NLP, but because they experienced the value I could deliver first hand.


Here is the good news for you.

I am launching a new training program called EVENTS THAT SELL where I will teach you everything I know about running events that sell like crazy without using manipulative techniques.


During the training you will learn:

- How to plan, create and execute your signature event.

- How to market your events like a pro.

- How to sell like an Italian Stallion and get your clients to fall in love and buy from you.


You will leave the training with:

- Your signature event fully created.

- A clear roadmap and marketing material to promote your event.

- A killer sales pitch and slide deck that will get people to buy straight away.


If you are ready to run your EVENT THAT SELLS and you know that this is your time to make an impact and make money from live events, then join EVENTS THAT SELL today.


It's time to shine.

Don't wait.

Your future starts today.

What You Will Learn

  • Choose The Perfect Topic
  • Plan Your Signature Event

  • Sell Out Your Signature Event

  • Run Your Signature Event

  • Make 5/6 Figures

  • Maximise The Post-Event Buzz

  • Create A Memorable Experience


The step-by-step course to help you create 5/6 figures live events that sell like crazy. GET EVENTS THAT SELL NOW

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We made £6,000 our first event thanks to GTeX

Ich & Jono

I made $9,000 thanks to the EVENTS THAT SELL methodology! Thanks Simone!

Shawn Josiah

Frequently Ask Question

If you have never run an event before you must have EVENTS THAT SELL. 

Running events "the right way" is not easy and it can be very expensive.

By joining EVENTS THAT SELL you will have all you need to create an event that will leave people WOW!

Of course, you can do it. I know you are smart enough to figure things out on your own.

However, an event can make or break your business and experience is expensive.

By joining the course, you will know from the get-go how to run your events that sell the proper way without losing thousands of dollars because you did not think about small details that make a massive difference.

The choice is yours.

You can wait to run 10/20 events to have the same experience you could get by joining this course.

If have time and money to waste in figuring it out by yourself, then don't get the program.

If you want to leverage your time and make more money faster, then join us.

Let me answer in this way.

If ask my basketball coach "Can I play in the NBA after attending only one training?"

What do you think he will tell me?

We get incredible results because I have been personally running more than 800 events.

I got my experience first-hand and refined the process over many events.

In this program, I will teach you everything I have learnt during my experience without holding back.

Some people get immediate results; other will get results after few events.

It is up to you to apply the system over and over again until you find your secret sauce.

This is how life works.

If you are looking for a get rich quick program, this program definitely is NOT for you.

If you understand that to get results you need to put the work in, then EVENTS THAT SELL IS for you.

To complete the full course it will take 2/3 hours.

Then the real work starts by running your entire event.

Yes. We will have a bonus session about running events for corporates and how other industries can use EVENTS THAT SELL to get clients.

About Simone Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi, known as The Experts Strategist, is the co-founder of GTeX, Forbes and Huffington Post contributor, TEDx speaker, Host of the podcast Explode Your Expert Business, author of 3 life-changing books

Simone is passionate about turning experts into authorities.

Fed up with the dirt of the personal development industry that no one talks about, he believes in changing the industry through the creation of a supportive and authentic community of experts, helping them to become authorities in their field.

During the last 6 years he transitioned from working in the catering industry to building a multiple 6 figure expert business, and in his signature program EXPLODE YOUR EXPERT BIZ INTENSIVE, he shares the tools with his clients to allow them to grow from 0 to £100,000+.

Every year he speaks in front of more than 5,000 business leaders, which included sharing the stage with Les Brown, Dr John DeMartini, Trent Shelton and many more.

He has also organised over 170 events, including Gary Vee speaking from York Hall boxing ring, and he is currently speaking in more than 200 stages every year.

Following his passion for making an impact on the younger generation, he also partners with the largest youth organisations in the UK, helping them deliver more effective courses and training.

Simone cannot live without 3 things: Speaking, basketball and playing his Didgeridoo.

Simone Vincenzi


If you are ready to create you 5/6 Figures signature event that sells, then join EVENTS THAT SELL now.


It's time to step your event game and show the world how great you are.

Stop hiding, make a difference.

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